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World Clean Up Litter Pick

MainStreet Truth or Consequences is excited to take part in a World Clean Up Day event on September 23rd 2023, and we have an exciting opportunity to leave your mark on the Downtown District! Join us at the Healing Waters Plaza and help make a difference.

About World Clean Up Day

On September 23, 2023, we are running a clean up event to support World Clean Up Day, where people in 180 countries are standing up against the global trash problem and clean up waste, making it the biggest positive civic action the world has seen.


Over 50 MILLION Volunteers since the inaugural event in 2018 have taken part in this worldwide event and we want Truth or Consequences join in too! 

We will be collaborating with the City of Truth or Consequences, T or C Litter Pickers, the Recycling Committee, The Sierra County Arts Council, Chamber of Commerce and of course the Truth or Consequences Sanitation Department to bring this event to life.

We will also have volunteers from the Tigers Unidos group from Hot Springs High School helping with the Litter Pick event!

Adopt a Trash Can

This year we are asking locals to adopt a trash can and paint it to be unveiled on September 23rd 2023!

How it works: We have 6 trash cans looking to be adopted for a year. Interested parties will need to submit an application form. If selected, the design will need to be painted on September 21st / 22nd for a reveal at the World Clean Up Litter Pick event on September 23rd.  MainStreet Truth or Consequences will supply a QR code on trash cans for a map to where they are located as well as artists info.

We would love to hear if you would like to help students from the local school to adopt a can too. 

This is closed now. Trash cans have been assigned and will be revealed on September 23rd.

The 6 trash cans that will be painted around Truth or Consequences as part of our Clean Up Project are located:


- By El Cortez Theatre (Artist assigned: June Jewell)

- By Wildflower Boutique (Artist assigned: Mary Walker)

- One in Healing Waters Plaza (Artist assigned: Tigers Unidos students)

- Outside the Post Office (Artist assigned: Sunday Dawne-Marie)

- By Morningstar Outfitters (Artist assigned: T or C Litter Pickers group)

- By Turtleback Coworking (Artist assigned: Ana Gomez)


Event Day Details

Date of Event: September 23rd 2023.

Time: 9am - 11.30am

Location: Healing Water Plaza

Safety and information briefing at 9am, raffle at 11.30am

Please note: Express interest will link to an email address

Adopt a Trash Can Application Information

Help inspire people to use our trash cans and adopt a bin to paint / design as you please! 


Submission Deadline: Aug 15th, 2023
Any questions, contact MainStreet Executive Director: 


Selected artist designs will be contacted by Aug 25th, 2023

Collaboration with City of Truth or Consequences, Sierra County Arts Council, Chamber of Commerce and the Recycling Committee.


Please note rules and criteria: 


1. Please submit a suggestion of how you would like to design the trash can in your entry.


2. Any materials required to prep, paint and maintain the trash can will be the responsibility of the artist/s.


3. MainStreet will supply the sticker with the QR code to apply to the trash can. This sticker will include information about each artist on MainStreet website. A fun map will be created to pinpoint where these trash cans are for local residents and visitors. We will link to any artist social media and/or website.


4. The trash can must be painted to be revealed on September 23rd 2023. It will be part of World Clean Up Day litter pick in the Downtown District and there will be a fun social activity on the day where people will drop a piece of litter into the trash can and tag MainStreet Truth or Consequences and collaborators as well as the artist on social media. There will also be a people's choice prize for the trash can with the most votes on World Clean Up Day.


5. Artists can collaborate on a trash can if they wish to, and anyone can take part in this if they have a design idea to submit and will follow these rules. For example, a group of students.


6. Family friendly designs: for example, no swear words, politics or inappropriate imagery. This should be a fun and vibrant project.


7. There is no payment for painting a trash can. This is a community enrichment project so there will be exposure through social media, MainStreet Truth or Consequences website. 


8. If this is a popular project and successful, MainStreet Truth or Consequences will look into expanding the number of trash cans available to paint in the future.

****Any questions, contact MainStreet Executive Director:**** 

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