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Meet the Trash Can Artists


Six trash cans in Downtown T or C were painted by local artists as part of a pilot project to help beautify the area as well as raise awareness about littering.

Find out more about the fantastic artists who took part below!

Special shout out to Reed Rische who provided advice on how to approach treating and painting the trash cans and also supplied Tigers Unidos and T or C Litter Pickers with paint.


Map of trash cans created by June Jewell



Mary Walker

"I have been creating in multimedias since 5th grade. I surprised myself when I moved to TorC in 2012 from S. Calif, when I was 60. TorC uniqueness encourages me to freely create with my bright colors and patterns. I now have painted over 25 murals in town and create yard recycled art, paintings and jewelry. It takes a village to create a wonderful TorC and I want to continue to be part of this village."

Image of Mary Walker taken by Dean Lamanna


June Jewell

"I have been an artist for as long as I can remember, a self-published author/ illustrator for a year, and a stay at home mama since day one of my children’s lives. I enjoy making colorful works in the small windows of time available to me. I work mostly digitally and in acrylic paints & do both portraits & abstract works, though I dabble in other mediums & subjects. We moved here in 2020, & are so happy to be living in such a creative town. My work is on display at Snakestone Studios, here in T or C (324 N. Broadway) & soon to be on the trash can outside El Cortez theater.

Samples of my works can be found at"

Image of trash can by Dean Lamanna




Sunday Dawne-Marie

my name is sunday & i am a tattoo artist here in truth or consequences, new mexico~ i am an avid gardener, cloud enthusiast, & bicycle adventurer~ i have long been an anti-litter activist in my own way & am delighted that our town has it's very own litter-pickin' group that definitely attracts the loveliest community of people~ i am excited to (possibly) participate in a project that is meant to be beautiful & of tangible benefit to our dear town~

Website: SkinFlower Cosmic Arts


Ana Gomez

"My goal is to keep our city clean and beautiful for everyone to enjoy. I’m a New Mexican artist as well as stay at home mom with 2 little ones. Being creative and true to myself is my passion. All of me creations are imaginative and based off my raw emotions."

Tigers Unidos Info.jpg


Tigers Unidos Students

We are a student group that hopes to make the school and community a more safe and accepting place. We learn about suicide/violence prevention & mental health, do community service, throw parties/events, and have fun!



T or C Litter Pickers

Trash is a Consequence...

This is a group of likeminded individuals who want to work together to help clean up T or C and come up with ways to tackle litter. We want to help motivate and inspire others to refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle...and not litter ;) 


Project Supported by

Reed Rische

T or C artist Reed Rische contributed paint and know how to help facilitate the trash can art project.


Rische is the proprietor of Snakestone Studios located at 324 Broadway in T or C which features a small collective of local artists and crafters. Aside from his many murals and signs throughout Sierra County; he also works in music, woodworking, and film art direction.

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