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MainStreet T or C
E-COMMERCE project

MainStreet Truth or Consequences is excited to announce we were awarded a grant from Local Economic Assistance & Development Support (LEADS)

Read the Economic Development Department Press Release HERE

The Project

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Title: E-commerce Education and Development to Promote Growth for Downtown Businesses

These FREE workshops are provided through a LEADS grant MainStreet T or C was awarded in 2023. All events are available to sign up via our Facebook page HERE. You do not need to have a brick-and-mortar store to take part - these are available for ALL local business owners and aspiring business owners.

Current statistics show 63% of shopping journeys start online* and according to reports, by 2040, 95% of sales will occur online** and we want to support our local businesses to help them grow their online presence.

To help with this, we are organizing a series of online and in person e-commerce workshops for local businesses in the Downtown District.

Workshop subjects will cover a range of online skills for local businesses:

  • How to leverage free online platforms (such as Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram)

  • Building and/or maintaining websites

  • Creating with Canva

  • Branding 101

  • Marketing 101

  • Payment options and why important to offer different payment options

  • Live virtual sales events and why important


These workshops are open to all businesses in Sierra County and will be held in February, March and April 2024.

*15 Eye-Opening Online Shopping Statistics for 2023 (

**67+ Mind-blowing Ecommerce Statistics [Updated in 2023] (

Branding Assistance

Along with offering the workshops, we want to provide up to 5 local businesses with branding assistance and creation of new logos suitable for online advertising.


This will help give businesses that need an extra helping hand a successful start to their online visibility, supports local artists who can do online branding and create even more excitement about the project.

To be eligible, business owners must attend at least one workshop.

Find Out More

If you are a local business or aspiring business owner, you are eligible to attend these FREE workshops.


They are free to attend and we will have the option for in person and online to provide flexibility and help as many businesses as possible attend.

****Any questions, contact MainStreet Executive Director:**** 

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