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Deck of Cards

Pick a card, any card! MainStreet Truth or Consequences is delighted to announce that a new Deck of Cards will be created this year. 


Have your chance to contribute to the 2023 Deck of Cards. Find out more below!

About Deck of Cards

From a deck of playing cards, artists will draw a card and produce a piece inspired by that card. Images of those pieces will be captured and turned into a new, unique deck of cards featuring the works of our local artists.


This highly anticipated project has been completed twice previously, yielding creative works from dozens of artists.

Once the cards are produced, MainStreet will host a Sneak Peek Party to introduce the final product and to sell the original pieces. Those decks will then be available for purchase. Proceeds benefit MainStreet Truth or Consequences, a grassroots nonprofit that works to create a downtown that is prosperous, attractive, and functional for the residents and visitors alike.  


Artists wishing to participate are asked to come to the MainStreet office at 410 Main Street to draw a card on Monday, September 25th from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. (or until the cards are gone).


There are a limited number of cards and they will go fast.

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“I always love this project because I enjoy collaborating with the artists and because the Deck of Cards serves as a cool, time capsule-like piece.”

Linda DeMarino, President MainStreet Truth or Consequences

****Any questions, contact MainStreet Executive Director: or call 575-740-6180**** 

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